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Established in 1991 by drs. Mehmet Tütüncü, SOTA is a research institute  that engages in historical investigations regarding the Turkish and Arabic world in relation to now. Through its research towards the connectedness of our pasts, the institutes hopes to create a broader understanding of the mosaic of modern societies.

Since its beginning SOTA has been prolific in publications. Starting with the quarterly journal BITIG in 1991 which had subscribers from 54 countries; the institute quickly expanded its output to academic  articles and books. Today SOTA actively continues to present its researches to the public. You can find an overview of SOTA’s publications here.

SOTA frequently organizes conferences and symposia regarding the issues about the Turkic peoples; also gives intellectual and if required practical assistance to delegations and democratic movement representatives visiting the Netherlands and Western Europe.

With about 4000 books, journals and 10,000 pamphlets, articles, newspapers, electronic materials and original manuscripts on all aspects of Turkic peoples from the start of history until our contemporary times in its library, SOTA offers a wealth of information for interested parties. A catalog of SOTA’s collection can be obtained upon request though the contact page.